Not a Ulysses Reading Group Meeting – Sunday 15 December 2013

At our meeting in November we finished reading Ulysses. Over the last three years we negotiated the Wandering Rocks, were blown away by Aeolus and escaped the Cyclops, succumbed to the charms of Calypso and and the sorcery of Circe. After many vicarious adventures, we sat in on Stephen’s and Bloom’s discussion in Ithaca and shared Molly’s thoughts in Penelope.

If that wasn’t enough excitement then maybe you would like to join us again in the New Year, meeting monthly as before and perhaps reading Joyce’s short stories in Dubliners? We will meet on Sunday 15th of December at 7.30 in Muir Court to consider the possibilities. Also at that meeting, as a sort of literary intermezzo, we will look at a few pages of Finnegans Wake.

I’d like to propose the section which begins with “Every evening at lighting up o’clocksharp and until further notice in Feenichts Playhouse” and ends with “An argument follows.”  We are at a play or pantomime and the central characters of the Wake are introduced. You will find this on page 219 in all but a few editions of the book.  It is also here on the internet with a useful glossary.



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