Ulysses Reading Group Meeting – Sunday 13 December 2015

The next meeting of the Ulysses reading group is on Sunday 13th of December. It is at 7.30pm in Muir Court.

We are reading the last nine sections of the Wandering Rocks episode. In one of them we see John Howard Parnell, brother of Charles Stewart Parnell, engaged in a game of chess in the D.B.C.

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One Comment on “Ulysses Reading Group Meeting – Sunday 13 December 2015”

  1. David says:

    John Howard Parnell was known in his lifetime to be a very good chess player. When he was an M.P. in the English parliament (1895-1900), it was often remarked he would be more likely to be found playing chess in the Commons ‘chess room’ than making speeches in its chamber. Indeed, there is no record that he ever made a single speech in the House of Commons!

    In Dublin. Parnell was a member of the then highly rated Sackville Chess Club, which regularly won the Armstrong Cup. This was said to be the oldest chess competition of its kind in the world, having been organised every year since 1888. Significantly, Sackville won it in 1904.

    Sackville Chess Club would have been well known to Joyce, as his closest friend at UCD, John Byrne, was also a regular and high-ranking member of it. Byrne, by the way, was a model for Bloom, sharing the same weight and height and many of his personal attributes. The Sackville Chess Club also included among its members several prominent Dublin Jews, to whom Byrne introduced Joyce.

    So …. here we have another example of how very little appears in Ulysses by accident.

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