Book Covers in the Wake

Finnegans Wake 4.25: ‘of a skyerscape of most eyeful hoyth entowerly, erigenating from’

Anita Loos: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, chapter 4: ‘when a girl looks at the Eyefull Tower she really knows she is looking at something’

Finnegans Wake 5.11: ‘this municipal sin business? Our cubehouse still rocks as earwitness’

Edith Holland: The Story of Mohammed p22: ‘In the midst of the city stands a very ancient temple… The Kaabah, or Cube House, as this temple is called, is regarded by the Mohammedans as the most sacred place on earth’

FinnegansWake 6.20: ‘so on the flounder of his bulk like an overgrown babeling, let wee’

Eugene Martin: Saint Colomban p102: ‘It was by such actions that the Church of Christ educated the barbarians, these overgrown children, in the practice of the Gospel’.


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