Book Covers in the Wake (3)

Finnegans Wake 13.4 ” So This Is Dyoublong?”

So This Is Dublin.  First Edition. by M.J. MacManus on sale for €€45.00

M.J.MacManus (1888-1951), So This Is Dublin! (Dublin; Cork: Talbot 1927)

Contains satirical verses on James Joyce’s Ulysses – viz.,

Of the books by Mr. Joyce
Ulysses is not my choice; I think –
You may not credit it –
That it should be sub-edited.

Finnegans Wake 13.29  “So, how idlers’ wind turning pages on pages,…”


Notebook 1924: Schuré: Les Grandes Légendes de France p162: “a hurricane passed over the book and turned all the pages. It remained open on the XIIth chapter of the Apocalypse”.



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