Lawrence Oates and #MeToo

In the Circe episode of Ulysses, the Honourable Mrs Mervyn Tallboys complains about Bloom spying on her while her “eyes, I know, shone divinely as I watched Captain Slogger Dennehy of the Inniskillings win the final chukkar on his darling cob Centaur.” Whether or not Captain Dennehy ever existed, the Inniskilling Fusiliers were stationed in Dublin on Bloomsday, 1904 as this photo and description show. Their number included Lawrence “Titus” Oates who perished on Scott’s ill-fated expedition to the South Pole, and Robert Baden-Powell, the author of Scouting for Boys.

Image result for inniskilling fusiliers 1904

The Inniskilling Officers in Ireland 1904. The Regiment was stationed at the Curragh from November 1902 to April 1904 and then for two years at Marlborough Barracks, Dublin. Oates is fifth from the left in the back row, Baden-Powell is second from the right in the middle row.

Mrs Tallboys goes on to accuse Bloom of other “inappropriate behaviour” and the text continues:



(Several highly respectable Dublin ladies hold up improper letters received from Bloom.)


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