About Us

June the sixteenth is Bloomsday, celebrating the novel Ulysses by James Joyce.  Events are held in many cities throughout the world and in particular Dublin.

In Leeds we meet in Whitelocks Ale House for an evening of readings, discussions and a few songs.

Arising out of Bloomsday we held a series of meetings every month over a period of three years where we read Ulysses.   We continued to meet, to read and discuss the stories in Dubliners.  Starting in November 2104, we are now engaged in our second read through of Ulysses.

“The only demand I make of my reader,” Joyce once told an interviewer, “is that he should devote his whole life to reading my works.”

But you might prefer the advice of Fintan O’Toole quoted by Melvyn Bragg in the “In Our Time” broadcast of June 2012:

“You’re allowed to skip. The Joyce police will never know. If it’s not working for you, move on. God knows there’s plenty more.”


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